Waikiki Beach 夏威夷海滩

A winter escape from snowy Vancouver BC Canada

to Waikiki beach in Feb. 2019 for 8 days


2019 二月八天夏威夷海滩

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Fraser River Front Park 菲沙河畔

Fraser River Front

at Gladeston Park

in Winter

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Rainy Vancouver at 16:00 雨季温哥华

Rainy Vancouver at 16:00


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Sunset at Tswassen 码头落日

Sunset  at Tswassen 码头落日


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Vancouver AM to PM 温哥华早晚

AM to PM 从早到晚

Vancouver 温哥华

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Shanghai Trip 上海之旅2018

My Home Town,the New City


2018-11-12 ~ 2018 -12 - 01

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The 2nd Spring 秋来第二春

Albert Camus Quotes:

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower



Photographer 摄影师:Mr. Shen Wen,步行者文伸先生

Location 地点:Gaston Park, Vancouver

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