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Comox is the place that Suzy and I have dreamed of for so long. As we are both foot passengers Suzy has to make every transit connection from Vancouver to Comox which located the middle east part of Vancouver Island.

Therefore I had three days holiday in Comox with Suzy in March and again with my husband Alfred in April 2019 to visiting Comox Downtown, Comox Gallery, Marina Park, Blackfin Pub, Filberg Park, and Goose spit Park all by walk and walking poles.

Horseshoe Bay 

The schedule for me and my husband is as follows

First day departure

6:40 walk to Skytrain to Catch 6:49 Sky train and 7:00 arrive China town. 
7:15 Express Bus 257 from Cambie @ Dusmier , and 7:51 to Horseshoe Bay 
8:20 Ferry from Horse Bay to Departure Bay Nanimo and Arrives at 10:05 Departure bay of Nanaimo Vancouver Island 
10:35 Tofino Bus (32.5 CAD) to Couriteney at 12:10, we had our Lunch @ Healthy Food Court 
Take No.4 bus at Driftwood Mall to Comox Downtow (12 minuts) , Same stop to change No.3 
No. 3 stops at Church @ Hemlock after 12 minuts (walking will spend the same time)

Third day Return
11:40 No.3 to Comox Mall 11:54, Same stop wait for No.4 Bus 12:06 to Drift mall 12:19 
12:45 Tofino Bus from Courtenay to Departure Bay 14:40 (due to heavy Rain witch is 20 minutes late)
15:20 Ferry from Departure bay to Horseshoe Bay at 17:20 , express bus No.257 to Vancouver

As BC transit Ferry to BC resident seniors from Monday to Thursday is free, we chose to start our journey on Tuesday and end on Thursday. When you buy the Ferry tickets, just show your Care Card or Drive license to approve your age. For the low-income people they have other kind of cards to tell they don’t need to buy tickets.


Departure Bay 

From Departure Bay at Nanaimo, we catch up Tofino Express bus to Courtenay which is part of Comox. You have to buy tickets from, and print the tickets out or download to your cell phone. For seniors it is around 33 CAD to 42 CAD. Why there is big difference, the staff just explains the system has made it. Any when you fix your date just buy it. If you did not and buy it next day, system will make the price slightly high.

Rolling hills along de sea side

When express bus to Courtenay, we have a break ( because bnb check in time is 4:00PM, the earliest may be 2:00 PM) in Drift mall to have our lunch, the food court in Health food Market is quite good, environment is great. 

Chinese food, though we dont see any Chinese people in the Mall.

Then we take local bus No.4 (fastest) to Comox Mall Center. No.1 bus is also going to Comox Mall but it is meanly for locol people and has more stops.

Not many passengers on the bus No. 4. Only Suzy and me (in March) and my husband and me (in April),. But there are one or two passngers on the way on and off.

Bnb we booked from air B&B is close to the center but need to walk 12-15 minutes. As we have luggage with us so we take local cercal bus No.3 which is also 12 minutes to the Church @ Hemlock, 200 m walking to bnb after dropping off the No. 3 Bus.

If you already have Air bnb account, it is very comvenient to book a place to stay. If you have not, then it is complex procedures as least for me, you have to submit your government issued ID with photo, and Credit card No. 

Suzy finds the two bedrooms BNB and I book it which is Cute Little Place in Comox (up to three guests). We are lucky as there is very a few bnb can offer two beds. The price is amazing, totally 60 CAD per night for 2-3  people.

The host David and hostess Frances are very nice, place is clean, with deck and backyard, parking. We are also impressed by the layout of kitchen. 

The two beds is seperated by a mini Sana room

Bnb here means Bed and bath, no breakfast. But this BNB offers cook facilities-stove, little bread baker, water pot, refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine and dryer.

The location is great, we walk via green way to Marina Park, Downtown, library, community center, Filberg Park and even Goose Spit Park in return. 

Green way made by stones and Hexago net.

Flowers along the roads

Comox is a big park though it is called town. Lost of creeks, forests, trails in it.

The little bridge is also for wheelchairers. 


Are these steps for Salmom fish return? 

Another forests on the way to Goose Spit. 

More Creeks

It is me 

Suzy Chats with local peopel who are from Richmond Great Vancouver after retirement.


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