Caribbeen Cruise 加勒比海邮轮 - At Sea 海上

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Photographer 摄影: Mr. Wen Shen 文伸先生

Excluding Collage (by Ingrid), 除了卉樱果的拼图

Ocean View Cabin we booked, 400 USD more than inside Cabin is worth for a long jurney.


The Buffet is one we only interested.



Total three days at sea during this trip. Mr. Wen Shen spent mornings and late evenings on the deck to catch the beautiful sunrise and sunset.




Like other cruises, Many activities schedule arranged every day. Two shows (same contents) at evening in the Grand Theater.


On the Welcome Show, Captain gave a greetings


Followed by Spanish morden Dancing


Deck was always full of people enjoy the sun during the day


very windy and rocky, none of the evening the sea was calm. May be it was near eqautor, the hot air produced by sea made the wind from every direction even from the sea.


The Swimming pool was rocking tool


We walked at every deck and Mr. Wen Shen offered his photography.




This Program Alfred and I liked most was perfromed by take5 atLincoln Center Stage -Piano and quartet. We went to there enjoying the classial music alomost every afternnon

我们最喜欢的是Lincoln Center Stage室内古典音乐-钢琴和弦乐四重奏。几乎每个下午晚些时候我们都会去,不漏过一场演出。他们在face book 上的ID是take5。他们不属于船上的工作人员,而是由纽约总部派到船上演出的,每次都是满座。


We got the Voyage log certificate the last day.


We were the 1st group to leave Cruise as to catch up the morning flight form Lauderdale to Toronto.


Transfered flight at Toroanto and then head to our beautiful home - Vancouver


This trip would be a good memmory in my life


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