Split - Cruise along Adriatic Sea

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The 5th city of the Cruise along Adriatic Sea

Arrived on 16 September

We visited Split old town and Trorgir Medieval City

We attended Shore Excursion as usual to Split old town and Trogir Mediaval city which is 27 km away from the harbor.

Walking on the ancient street of Trogir, the entire town is like an open-air museum, so just strolling through its narrow street was an unforgettable experience.


There were lots of magnificent buildings, such as the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, whith a world famous 13th century portal, caved by a local artists,

The town Loggia, the town hall and Cipico Palace





the place was an ancient court. The four men were singing hymns. most people in Croatia were Catholic.

Above is the old town of Split, with a visit to well-preserved cellars and we also saw the Cathedral of St. Duje, build on the remains of an ancient shrine, supposedly by the oldest in the world.




The cute local girl was doing sketch to tourists.



Our tourist guide who was very passionate and professional, introducing her country is free education (12 years) free medication, and low cost housing, drinkable water, fresh food.

The statue of an old man 1500 years ago with long fingure who invented language to Croatia.

it was not easy for us (64 and 73 years old) to walk so long on the uneven roads every day or every other day.

New city, old houses


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