Molly's Reach Gibson Landing, Sunshin Coast 阳光海岸的莫莉餐馆

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Molly's Reach Gibson Landing, Sunshin Coast


第三次到陽光海岸的Gibson landing 


才有機會與紫蘇友在名餐館Milly's Reach用餐

1931年此建筑在Gibson Landing落成,做過百貨店二手店售酒店。

上世紀七十年代,長達十八年總共387集的電視劇"趕海(the T Beachcombers)"把此建築作為劇中人物聚集地-餐館,電視劇拍攝結束後此地成了真正的餐館,顧客盈門。


我倆點的都是Fish & Chips,是我吃過所有魚與薯條中最美味的。


The picture Below is the boat used in "Beachcombers"


From WikipediA

Molly's Reach was a fictional restaurant in the real community of Gibson's Landing, British Columbia, during the nineteen years the Canadian television series The Beachcombers was set there. The building is now a real restaurant.

The show's fictional restaurant was named after the character who owned it, who served as a mother-figure for other characters. A reach is a geographical term for a section of a river. As the town cafe and natural meeting point, much of the drama happened in and immediately around Molly's Reach.

The original structure was built in 1931, and served a variety of purposes, including a second hand store, a general store, a hardware store and a liquor store, prior to serving as a set for the television show.[2] After the show ended it was turned into an actual restaurant.

The Beachcombers was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's longest running series, one which was re-sold in fifty foreign markets, and fans of the show, both foreign and domestic, seek out the restaurant. The restaurant's walls bear many photos featuring the show's cast and crew. In 2016 the Vancouver Sun called the restaurant Gibsons' "most prominent landmark". It is located in the middle of town on the main highway, just up the street from the government dock.

A made for TV movie, The New Beachcombers, to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the original series first episode, revolved around a fictional fight to prevent the restaurant being torn down and replaced by condominiums.


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