ShoreLine Trail Portmoody 走走海岸步行道

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2017-09-26 the last day of this summer with temperature 26 dgree C.最高温度26度,今年最后一个夏日。

上山?下海?最后还是实惠点,考察下十月十三日周五下午去Eagle Ridge Hospital(离家15公里)做Barbotage门诊手术按Translink的时间表走一次,因为要两条轨道车一条公交车,我步行慢,到时如果换天车倒公车迟到了就比较麻烦。

I spent that day on exploring the transit from home to Eagle Ridge Hospital as I will take the 2nd Barbotage treatment on 13 October.

踩点结束,想着那里离Rocky Point不远,何不去坐坐晒晒夏末的太阳。106路司机说从图书馆下,走过去很近的。

On the way back, I started Shore line trail from Port Moody COmmunity Center to Rocky Point.

下车后傻眼了,怎么走呀?一位年轻帅哥告诉你,可以从大街走到公园,也可以从海岸步行道走过去,More Fun!于是我就走进了从没走过的SHore Line Trai

The Notice Plate says it is the bear country. No scare, but wish to see one

进入 步行道,一块通知牌上写着遇到熊该怎么办,这里也是熊的家乡。我有点小激动,希望偶遇,但是现在夏天行人多,估计也是一厢情愿啦。


It was my first to this trail. 第一次走这条路,心里的未知,忐忑,激动,使得步行有了更多的意义。

I am used being alone. I enjoy being alone, never feel lonely.  I love to walk alone as my heart would need many time of rest sitting. If with any one walking together, I would be worried if others get bored of my rest


Walking not long in the forest trail, suddenly a inlet bay appeared. Oh! my goodness, Oh, my goodness, I could not help to praise the beautiful nature!

突然树丛中断,看到了内海,这下我知道目的地就在前面了,大约1.5公里去。Oh,my goodness, Oh, my goodness,情不自禁地赞叹这样突现的宽阔!


A long deck road leaded me to the shore




Then in to forest again, but you can peek from the trees and knows the inlet bay is there



No bear in Summer, only many birds



there was a bench every 20 meters, I sit dowm almost at every bench to have a rest and enjoy the view.



Very warm under the Sun, but cool in the trail.

At last I reached Rocky Point Park, civilization and aboriginal coexist in Canada!

终于走近了Rocky Point Park,文明与原始并存的大美温哥华!

其实Rocky Point是我非常熟悉的公园,每年至少来两次吧

I am familiar with Rocky point and come here almost twice a year.


那里的Boat House是一个歇脚美食上网的好地方,现在是Happy Hour Time

Boat House is my faverite retaurant, now it is the happy hour time


Tuna fish, oysters, drinks, wifi - Oh, I am in the paradize!


After the wonderful meal it was 5:30, the temperature was going down with the sunset, Skytrain going home. the perfect day- the last Summer day!


Next time I will try the other half.


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