Shanghai United Church 上海新天安教堂前世今生

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History of Shanghai Union Church 上海新天安堂的前世今生

2019-06-13 ~2019-06-21


建於1886年的新天安堂(The Union Church)。1949年前該教堂與三聖一堂齊名的(聖公會以外基督教徒)禮拜堂和社交活動中心,盧梭也曾來此演講過。

Shanghai Union Church built in 1886, and being taken by Shanghai government in 1958. From 1958 to 2005 the church was a factory building manufacturer lights & lamps. A big fire damaged it totally in 2007. And then Shanghai government rebuild the Building according to the original construction drawings without Cross. Now there is a bar in it and called historical architecture for people s photography area.

Picture from intenet after church biult  taken around 1890 网上图片教堂初成

Factory 2002 Picture from internet 网上图片 2002 年灯具厂开始没落

picture from intenet 2008 archetecture designed by local government to make it  as a place to issure marriage certificates 网上图片重建设想图作为办法结婚证书的建筑


The following pictures taken by my moble phone  during I stayed in Braodway Mansion Hotel during 13 June to 21 June. My portraits were taken by my friend Betty's camara 


Anyhow, the church is no longer a Church, neither a place for issueing Marriage Certificates. It is loved by lovers, new couples, seniors, all of the people like to take photos here.

Me and Jiang 我和慧珠

Me 我




Me & Jiang 我和慧珠

Classmates in College 大学同学

My friend Betty 朋友+同学+同事 飞飞


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