Fireworks at White Rock by Roger Photographer 陈甡摄影作品-白石烟花

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Fireworks at White Rock  白石烟花

on 1st July Canada150 Birthday 加拿大150周年生日

Roger Photographer 陈甡摄影作品


陈甡 -Roger,2009年移居加拿大萨省,现居住在温哥华。现为中国新闻摄影学会会员,山东省摄影家协会会员,济南市摄影家协会名誉主席,新华社签约摄影师,四川师范大学客座教授。

Roger热爱摄影30多年,从胶片到数码,从长城DF单反相机到如今的佳能1DX2, 是一名地地道道的“资深”摄影发烧友。 已出版《在蓝天白云下》摄影与随笔,正在编辑中的有:《野玫瑰之乡》和《疯狂牛仔》画册。


Chen Yu: Chen Yu Roger, who moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, in 2009, is now living in Vancouver. He is a member of the Society of Photography of China, a member of Shandong Province Photographers Association, honorary chairman of Jinan Photographers Association, a visiting professor of Xinhua News agency, and a guest of Sichuan Normal University.

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